Are you sure you are not already participating in the Circular Economy (CE)? It is very unlikely that the totality of your activities are completely detached from circular principles, but are they the most appropriate for your type of business and growth strategy? Should and could you commence a journey to transform your Company? Some of your internal processes surely are more likely candidates than others for launching pilot projects, but which ones are they and how should you proceed? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before seriously evaluating an investment in circular paractices.

This tool delivers a snapshot of a Company CE positioning, an examination of its readiness to enter the upcoming Circular Economy of the 21 century. Through an examination of where the overall industry stands and an appraisal of the utmost potential acquirable within that particular industrial sector, this tool helps to identify the most necessary and suitable circular initiatives that a Company can roll out as part of its broader CE strategy. To do so, the tool puts forward 17 different areas for circular action that a Company can implement along its value chain (design > sourcing > production > distribution/shipment > use > end use). With the help of a qualified CE consultant, or simply your own, go through the assessment of every single area separately, measuring its importance for both the Company and the industry in which it operates. The end result of the assessment will be shown diagrammatically in the "Results" sheet, illustrating at once the positioning of the Company against all the 17 areas for circular action, hence highlighting the areas most neglected or of greater interest.

Of course, the tool is not just a powerful resource to determine real life states, but also a means to test what if scenarios before sustaining large investments, to stimulate group discussions and the adoption of new frames of mind, or to visualize the CE positioning of competitors.

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